Our Motto: Sell Every available item and maximize the profit

​​Estate Sales of Virginia


After deciding on a date and signing a contract, we ask you to provide us with a key for access to your home.  This allows us to start the process of transforming your home from your living quarters to a sales venue. We will bring in our own tables, shelves and lighting as needed to display your collectibles and show them off in the best light possible. We stage the home, arranging and organizing your furniture and collectibles.  We clean items if they are dusty and polish silver if it is needed.  We strongly believe that clean and attractively displayed items sell better and for a higher price than those that are left as is.  


Even though we keep abreast of the changes in the market for various collectibles, if we feel it is necessary, we will research your valuables to make sure we are pricing them correctly to bring the highest profit possible.  if an item is of particular value, we have experts in various fields we can rely on - from antiques to rugs, silver, crystal, china, jewelry, coins and many other items of value. 


After staging, cleaning, and researching, we begin to price.  At Estate Sales of VIrginia, we price each and every item to be sold. It is tremendously time consuming as we have to touch every single item within your home.  We do feel, however that having the items clearly marked using professional price tags makes it easier for the customer.  


From the moment you are greeted at the door by a friendly staff member wearing our company shirt with logo, you know you are entering a professionally run sale that will be a pleasure to shop. We have many loyal customers that come to each sale as they have come to expect our sales to be the best in the area.


Part of our service is helping you decide what to do with any items that are left over.  We can arrange for a clean-out service and/or make arrangements with a local charity to donate the left over items.  If donated, we will provide you with the receipt for a tax write-off.